Ron Scates (First Presbyterian Church) "In His Steps" Israel Tour

​November 12-21, 2017

Bubba Stahl "In His Steps" Israel Tour

​November 27-December 6, 2017

Soul City Chicago "In His Steps" Israel Tour

​February 16-25, 2018

Jim Denison "In His Steps" Israel Tour
April 30-May 9, 2018

Church at Horseshoe Bay/Fellowship of San Antonio

​May 7-16, 2018

Previous Tours

Jim Denison "In His Steps" Israel Tour

May 5-14, 2014

Phil Lineberger "In His Steps" Israel Tour

May 26-June 4, 2014

Randel Everett Bible in 3-D Israel Tour
May 19-28, 2014

Trey Little (First Presbyterian Church) "In His Steps" Israel Tour
Dec 27, 2013-Jan 5, 2014

Dallas Baptist University "In His Steps" Israel Tour
Jan 6-15, 2014

 Jim Denison "In His Steps" Israel Tour

May 25-June 3, 2015

ParkwayHills Baptist Church Israel and Jordan Tour
December 26, 2015-January 5, 2015

​Jim Denison "In His Steps" Israel Tour
May 2-11, 2016

First United Methodist Church Israel 
​September 13-22, 2016​​

Townes and Ellen Duncan "In His Steps" Israel Tour
January 5-15, 2017

​Jim Denison "In His Steps" Israel Tour
May 1-10, 2017


Welcome to MBF Enterprises, Inc.

MBF Enterprises is a group tour operations company that specializes in organizing, marketing, conducting and leading unique, one-of-a-kind pilgrimage tours to Israel, Jordan and Egypt and Journeys of Paul cruise tours to Greece, Turkey and Italy.  

We are pleased to announce the following trips to Israel, Greece, Turkey and Italy for 2015-2017.  For more information about each trip, please click on the links below or email me at

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Tour Coming in the Fall 2017

Previous Tours

Harry Lucenay Journeys of Paul Tour of Greece and Turkey
January 29-February 9, 2014

 Jim Denison Journeys of Paul Tour of Greece and Turkey

October 27-November 7, 2015 

Randel Everett and Timothy George
​September 25-October 6, 2016